Our Values

Here for you, for the long term...

Like most businesses, we set goals to ensure our standards of service. Unlike some businesses we believe in being open and honest with are clients, so below you will see are business goals which were designed with the input of all team members within the group to ensure a consistent understanding and delivery.  We are a service not cost driven business as you will see form our current business goals the service you receive is always at the fore front of our operation. 

 “To build, maintain and develop effective business relationships with clients and suppliers”
We have always believed in building good working relationships with both our clients and suppliers. Our aim is to ensure longevity, trust and commitment to each other. 

“To deliver what we propose, if in any doubt we will under promise and over deliver”
We never want to let a client down in any way. If we make a commitment then we will do all we can to honour it. If for any reason there is a risk that could effect our commitment we will aim to take this in to consideration. It is better to complete early then late! 

 “To only expand our business when it is suitable and agreed by the business without sacrificing the service our clients receive”
We as a group have gone through a series of expansions over the last 10 years. However  if we planning on expanding our business the agreement of all sectors of the group must be reach,  to ensure our service is not affected. 

“Remember, the reputation of the business lies in the hands of the individual”
Each team member acts as a representative of the business; as such we are all responsible for its reputation.

 “If we do not respect our clients, someone else will”
We are a service driven business, the service we deliver is what we feel stands us head and shoulders above the rest. If we don’t look after our clients someone else will.

“To continually monitor our rates & cost, passing the savings onto our clients”

We regular monitor and renegotiate our rates and costs with our suppliers. Passing the savings on to you where applicable, allowing us to meet our other business goals of successful business relationships and respect for our clients.

“To continually adapt our business and processes to help maintain the environment”
 We aim to do all we can to help the environment, from cutting down our fuel usage to recycling our packaging and materials. We also stock a wide range of refurbished equipment, cutting down on the manufacturing, distribution and storage of new equipment. Offering both solutions to our clients allows them to make the right choice to suit their business and budget.

“To treat others with the respect they deserve and the way we would like to be treated”
We firmly believe in treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and that is the approach we take.